Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where God's Full Presence Shines

A couple of weeks ago our 19th grandchild was born. He is beautiful. I have always thought that the veil between heaven and earth is very thin for babies. I have often thought that my babies were looking around the room at someone I could not see. I feel as if the reason babies cannot talk is so they will not tell us too much about heaven.

So, I was holding baby Jacob and talking with his mom about how thin the veil between heaven and earth might be. We were wondering if family that has passed on would be able to visit with him. I even asked Jacob if he could see his grandparents. All of a sudden Jacob smiled. Oh I know everyone says it is gas. I don't believe it for a moment. I have always thought that when a newborn baby smiles he is thinking of heaven. When he cries, he is thinking of birth. I thought, you know I think the veil is a lot thinner that even I think.

Then today I went with my husband to the nursing home to help with sacrament meeting. We helped gather those that wanted to go to church. Then I led the singing. We were singing the sacrament hymn "How Great the Wisdom and the Love." On the second verse it says:

"His precious blood he freely spilt;
His life he freely gave,
A sinless sacrifice for guilt,
A dying world to save."

As I looked up I saw a dying world in front of me. Tears sprang to my eyes. When we sang the 4th verse, I felt God's presence grow stronger in the room.

"He marked the path and led the way,
And every point defines
To light and life and endless day
Where God's full presence shines."

I couldn't help but wonder how endless some of their days feel, and yet God's full presence was there in that room, with people who's lives are so difficult.

So I have decided that the veil is thin for a newborn baby. It is also thin for those who are nearing the end of their lives. I felt God's full presence shine. What a wonderful day.