Sunday, April 12, 2009


I have to admit I didn't hear as much of conference this year as I would have liked to have heard.  We were either traveling or preparing to travel. Our two week old granddaughter was put in the hospital for RSV and then had to be flown to Primary Children's Hospital.  

I have been watching the Church's video feed.  I have noticed two talks so far that I just love.  One was by Elder Jeffery R Holland which talks of Christ's lonely journey back to his Father in Heaven.  When I feel alone I can know that I am not alone.  My Father and my Savior are with me.  They have not forsaken me.  They are near.  They know how I feel.  They know my concerns for a beautiful new granddaughter that is struggling to live.  The church has posted a video of Elder Holland's talk on the church's web site.  I tried to post the video but can't seem to get it right.  It is worth watching.

The other talk that I loved was by Elder David A Bednar.  He talked of the importance of temples.  There are great blessings in the temple.  We find the highest ordinances there and through those ordinances we find eternal life in the temple.  There is a protecting power of the ordinances and covenants available in the House of the Lord.  The temple is a refuge from the storm.  

I noticed that several talks told of the importance of the temple.  

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