Sunday, September 26, 2010

Women's Conference

I almost forgot the Women's Conference last night. Joe and I went shopping yesterday morning and checked out in the line of a sister that lives in our ward. She asked if I was going to the conference. How grateful I am that she said something. I went home and finished making my salsa and then got ready for the conference.

I enjoyed Sister Silvia Allred's talk. One thing that I felt I needed to remember was how to be steadfast and immovable. 1. prayer 2. scripture study 3. obedience 4. service

President Thomas S Monson gave a great talk as usual. He gave the cutest anecdotal story about a woman who complained to her husband about how dirty her neighbors laundry was each time it was hung out. Finally one day she noticed the laundry hanging on the line was clean. She asked her husband what he thought had happened to teach the neighbor how to do laundry. Her husband said he knew what had happened. He said he had gotten up early that day and had washed the windows.

Don't judge by appearances.

I can hardly wait to read the talks again.

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