Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Lord Loves the One

Joe and I went to the temple Saturday evening. As I entered the chapel I thought wow we must be really early. I was the only patron there. When Joe came in I asked if we were early.

Joe: No, it is about time for the session to start.

Me: With just the two of us do you think they well cancel the session?

Joe: I think we are about to be asked to be the witness couple.

And so we were asked. I couldn't help but wonder who we were going to be witnesses for. Just then another couple came into the chapel. Then a couple of single women came in. With the help of some temple workers we ended up with a total of 4 men and 6 women in our session. While I felt sad that there were so few there, I also felt grateful that the Lord recognized my need to be in the temple and allowed the session to continue. I was spiritually fed. I needed the calming affects of the temple. I felt completely at peace. I needed that confirmation that the Lord cares about each one of us individually. I am grateful for his love.

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