Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Prayer Answered

I went to the temple with Mom yesterday. It was a great day. The sisters in our Relief Society get together once a month and go to the temple. I usually can not go because I am working. Well, I decided to go yesterday. I had talked to my sister-in-law, Barbara the day before about going and she wanted to go too. Mom and Barbara were each going to drive down to my house and meet me at 8:00AM. At about 8 I walked outside and there was Barbara but no Mom. I thought that was strange because Mom is always prompt. Barbara said she was surprised that Mom was not there. We decided to go look for her. When we got to the head of Mom's lane, there was her truck right in the middle of the road but no Mom. I looked up the lane and there was Mom just a hiking back to her house. (Right here you need to know that my Mom is 92 years young.) When we pulled up beside her she looked pretty upset. She says her truck had just stopped and would not start, she prayed that I would come. I told her it is a good thing that she is always prompt or I might not have come looking for her yet. Barbara said, " Yea, if you had been Ken we would have just left you." We were going to move her truck off the road. I got in and just tried to start it. The truck started right up. I moved it off the road. We got back in my car and headed for the temple.

Now I have some thoughts that keep going through my head.
1. Was there a reason Mom's truck stopped? Did the Lord not want her on the highway at that time? We will never know.
2. How much does the Lord love a little 92 year old farm woman in a little know place like Myton, Utah that he would answer her prayer that fast? That one I know. The Lord does hear and answer prayers! He know who my Mom is and he has time to answer her prayers. How lucky am I that he could use me to answer her prayers.
3. Often in the temple we hear prayers that our homes and our families will be blessed while we are in the temple. We were headed for the House of the Lord. He was ready to protect us before we ever left our homes He protected my Mother!

Isn't this just the most beautiful day ever?

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Mar~ said...

Thanks for watching out for Grandma. She is a treasure.