Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gems that are Close to my Heart

I have been thinking a lot about things that are close to my heart and gems sense Jennifer started her blog. I have some gems that are so precious to me.  They are my 14 beautiful grandchildren.

I was watching Emma the other day before Melanie and Les left to go back to school.  Emma was toddling down the sidewalk.  She stopped to look at the flowers.  She jabbered for a few minutes as she tenderly touched the flowers.  Then she did what every grandchild before her has done.  She played 'loves me loves me not' as she pulled each pedal off the flower.  Next she toddled over to the bell.  You could tell by the look on her face that she wanted to touch it.  She looked at me as she reached her hand toward the bell.  You could see that she was waiting for a "No, no, don't touch."  Instead I told her yes.  Still she looked hesitant.  Then she reached out and touched the bell.  How many other grandchildren have rung that same bell?  It amazes me that there are things that each grandchild seems to want to do.  For example:
  • Pull the pedals off the flowers.
  • Ring the bell by the sidewalk.
  • Climb on Grandpa as he lies on the floor.
  • Ring the chime by the dinning room door.
  • Hide in the coat closet when someone is mad at them.
  • Sit in the coat closet when they want to hide from someone else.
  • Explore the yard past the garden.
  • Climb the tree in the backyard.
  • Roast marshmallows.
  • Burn marshmallows. (because that is the way they like them)
My beautiful grandchildren, you are truly more precious than gold or any jewel on earth.  You are very close to my heart.  I am so grateful that families are eternal.  To know that you will be a part of my life for eternity is the most important gift my Heavenly Father could ever give me.  May the Lord always be an important part of your lives.  I pray for you daily.  You will always be my most precious gift.


Cambridge said...

That is so sweet mom. I absolutely love it. We feel the same way.

Papa and Mama said...

Thanks Jen. I think my life is richer because of my grandchildren. It brings me such joy to see their faces light up when they see me.