Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lesson From Heaven by Karla Claybrook

“It’s scary to think about leaving,
to go where I can’t see your face.
How will I ever return,” I asked,
“if I can’t remember this place?”

“I’ll give you lessons from Heaven,”
He said with a smile in His eyes.
A sigh, then a look of confusion
was all I could give in reply.

“Lessons to guide your return, child,
to your home, this place you once knew.
Trials to help you grow stronger.
Don’t worry…I’ll be there for you.”

“The lessons won’t be very easy;
your heart will be aching with pain.
Some will seem harder than others,
though not one will you learn in vain.”

“You can do it,” He said as He hugged me,
“I know what you’re capable of.
You’re right…you won’t see my face;
But child, I’ll send you my love.”

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Karolynn said...

Thanks for sharing this! Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. I live in Utah and it does get really cold, but the peaches do well they grow all summer and are ready to pick in September.