Sunday, February 1, 2009

Perfect Sunday

It has been one of those Sunday's that you hear so many good things that while you would like to remember them all you know you will only remember part.

Reed taught our Sunday School lesson on "The Spirit of Revelation."  We learned how to receive personal revelation.  One of the best ideas was to turn off the TV so that Satan is not jamming our airways with junk.  

Our Relief Society Lesson came from a talk by Clyde J Williams in the Jan 1996 Ensign titled "A Shield Against Evil.  Wow that was good.  Satan has set snares and we need to use the scriptures to avoid those snares.  

Here are the snares Satan has set.
1.  Relying on Worldly Wisdom
2.  Anger and Contention
3.  Seeking Happiness in Sin
4.  Ignorance of Evil
5.  Spiritual Apathy
6.  Rationalization
7.  Vain and Worldly Things

Avoid those snares by:
1.  Realizing that Satan will not support his own.
2.  Shake off Spiritual Lethargy.
3.  Watch and Pray
4.  Hold to the Rod
5.  We are Free to Choose our own course in Life
6.  We can Bind Satan

If you want to read a good article check this one out.

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