Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Lord is willing to help those in need!

My mother went to church today.  It was fast and testimony meeting.  She is 93 and beginning to suffer from dementia.  Mom wanted to bear her testimony.  I was a bit worried about it because she has a tendency to  say things that may or may not be true.  She starts telling one story and before the sentence has ended she is telling a different story.  Sometimes it is hard to tell that the sentence is two different stories.  The stories all seem to be from her past and seem to be about things that have worried her at one time or another.  Some of the stories are a bit embarrassing.  Many times she hooks the names of people we know to the stories.  Once in a while she gets on a kick where she repeats the same story over and over.  I was a bit worried that she would tell an embarrassing story and hook the name of one of our ward members to the story which might hurt their feelings.

  Mom got up and bore her testimony.  As long as she was bearing pure testimony she was able to do so clearly and with conviction.  As soon as she would start saying something that was not testimony the Lord took care of her and made her forget what she was saying.  She could not finish her thought.  I know without a doubt that the Lord loves my 93 year old mother that is suffering mentally right now.  

I have a testimony that the Lord lives, Jesus is the Christ, the Son of a living and loving Father in Heaven.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is upon the earth today.  We have a living prophet leading the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  The gospel is true.  

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Melanie Mounteer said...

Makes me cry! I love that He is watching over her.