Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conference Story

I am not sure which conference talk yesterday was my favorite so I thought I would take time over the next few blogs to share thoughts about some of the talks that I enjoyed.

I have always loved President Packer's talks.  I thought his story about Gideon and how he chose his army to be particularly good.  Those that drank from the stream by putting their mouth to the water were not ready for an enemy attack.  Those that brought the water to their mouth were on the lookout for an attack.  We need to be on the lookout.  We need to bring the water of the gospel to our mouths and be prepared.  We need to be ready to fight the last great battle.  There will be a time when the only thing between us and the adversary is the Father with his Priesthood.

I loved how so many of the talks told us how to awaken the power of the Priesthood in the home and strengthen our homes.   I feel as if the talks given yesterday have awaken something within me.  I want to become stronger.  I want to be a beacon for my family.  I often think of what a great beacon my mother was for me.  I hope I can become as strong as she was.   As a young mother I realized that my mother had been praying for me all through the years.  I learned that her prayers were strong and often helped me.  I often felt the comfort of her prayers.  I knew that her prayers held great power.  Now that she is gone, I know that she is still praying for me, my brothers and sister, our children and their children.  She will never stop praying for us.  As I look to the beacon that my mother set up for me, I realize that her mother set a light up for her.  When things get dark we just need to remember to head toward the light.  

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