Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Ring

A couple of weeks ago I lost my mothers wedding band that she had given me just before she died. I had been wearing it night and day. I had washed some dishes in Clorox water and the water burnt my finger under the wedding band. I took the band off and put it on the only finger it would fit on the other hand. At the time I thought, "You should go put your ring away." I didn't. The next day I had the same thought. About an hour later I realized the ring was gone. Often we get prompting from the Holy Ghost just like the ones I had received. We follow those promptings and we have no idea what could have happened because we did follow them. Other times we do not follow those prompts and something bad happens. So how do we know when we are getting a prompt from the Holy Ghost? Because any good thought comes from God, we can bet that any good warning comes from God too. I hope I can learn to be a better listener. I know I can listen better as I study my scriptures and say my prayers.

This weekend we have been staying with Daniel and Jana. I watched them as they helped their children say a few verses from the scriptures and say their prayers each night. Last night Tyler was bent out of sorts and did not want to read the scriptures. However, by the time the family had finished he was calm and ready for prayer. Did the scriptures make the difference? Yes. Is it always going to be easy? No. Is it going to be worth it? Yes!

Back to my ring. I knew that I had lost my ring around the house. Jennifer and her family were there and bless Jalynn's heart, she went clear through my garbage to make sure it did not drop off in there. The ring was not in the garbage. As I watched her I had a thought. "You are going to have to clean deep." Later I had another thought just about like that. "You will not find your ring unless you do some deep cleaning just like Jalynn did as she dug deep into the garbage." So I did some deep cleaning. I started in the kitchen because that was the room I had been in most of the time. When I cleaned the shelves off by the phone, I pulled some books off one of the shelves to rearrange them and low and behold there was my ring setting on the shelf. I am glad the Lord allowed me to have my mother's ring back. I am even happier with the lesson He taught me in listening. Any good thought comes from God.

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Mar~ said...

I was hoping for a happy ending! Phew! Great lesson. Thanks for sharing. I'm happy you have the ring back. That is such a treasure. I'm sure you love it even more now than ever before!