Sunday, July 31, 2011

"to always remember Him"

While I will not go into detail... this past week I have been doing something good but I have been doing it for the wrong reason. I have been doing this good thing because someone had been displeased with me. Now there is nothing wrong with trying to please others but I have not found satisfaction in the thing I am doing. I have gone through a long list feelings that have included sorrow and even anger. But no real satisfaction or gratitude or joy.

Today in sacrament as I listened to the sacrament prayer I realized my mistake. I still want to do the good thing that I have been doing but I need to be doing it in order "to always remember Him." I need to be doing this thing for my Savior not for my friend. I need to please my Savior, not my friend. So this week I will continue to do those things I need to be doing, those things that I want to be doing, but I will be doing them in order to "always remember Him." Then, I will find the joy in doing. I can actually stop worrying about rather or not I am pleasing my friend. I can stop worrying about rather or not I am meeting my friends standards. I know that my Savior will accept my efforts because He knows what is in my heart. I feel my Savior's love.

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