Sunday, December 4, 2011


i have been doing a lot of thinking about Christ's birth. I have most of my nativities out and have decided not to do too much other decorating. I want to focus on Jesus Christ. I will put up my tree and I think that will be it. I want to spend the month feasting on the scriptures and doing some sort of service. We are in a new ward so to speak. It is still called Myton 2nd but most of the people in the ward come from the old Myton 1st ward. While I know a lot of the people in the ward there are also a lot of people I don't know. I think I will start some sort of secret Santa thing that can be passed around the ward. Oh maybe instead of calling it Secret Santa I should call it Secret Savior. I could write some of my favorite scriptures and make some treats to pass on to members of the ward and ask them to pass on their favorite scripture and a treat. NOW I need to get busy. Yea I think this will be great!

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