Sunday, October 5, 2008


I loved conference.  I took notes on the talks and put stars by the ones that I wanted to listen to again.  (I had a lot of stars.)  I will be listening to them in the mornings before my kids come into my classroom.  I also had my list of things I wanted to know about or questions that I wanted to have answered.  It worked.  The Lord answered every question.  

One question I wanted to know about was how to be a better teacher.
William D. Oswald told how to be a successful teacher.  He said that the sons of Mosiah and Moroni were a successful teachers.  Here were the three things he said we need to be a successful teacher.
1. Show love to those you teach and call them by name.
2. Teach from the scriptures.
3. Encourage the pondering of gospel truths.

Now I realize that during school I cannot teach from the scriptures but I can use truth to teach and I can encourage students to ponder those truths.  As I search the scriptures my mind will be opened to truths that need to be taught to my students and I will see ways to teach them.

I loved Dallin H Oaks talk about sacrament meeting.  I plan on making my sacrament meeting worship time more meaningful.  He said we could get revelations and direction for our lives as we worship during sacrament meeting.  I have already listened to his talk three time.

Oh I had too many talks that I liked to write about all of them here.  I can hardly wait to hear them again.


Melanie Mounteer said...

Conference was great! The parts that I could hear over the kids that is. Love ya!

Heidi A. said...

I LOVED Conference too and felt sad when it was over. I too have many talks that I want to listen to again. I took notes in my journal but can't wait until the Ensign comes so that I can underline and re-read and ponder.
I loved the teaching principles as well. Teachers make such a difference! Thanks and glad to read your great blog!