Friday, October 3, 2008

General Conference Challenge

I read a blog about the "General Conference Challenge."  I had never really heard of it before.  You are to take your worries and your questions and write them down.  As you watch conference your questions will be answered one by one.  

It is a little late for me to be thinking of this but I do have some questions and concerns so I started writing them down.  My next concern is will I be willing to listen to what the Lord wants me to know?  I hope I will be humble enough to listen and to DO!

Enjoy Conference! 


Heidi A. said...

What a wonderful and inspirational blog! Thanks for sharing!

We've added you to our new site and hope you'll link back to us if you already haven't.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of Conference! Hasn't it been wonderful!!!

Heidi A. said...

Oh, thanks! You already have! you know Karla Claybrook? I loved her poem that you inserted! and...I love her too! :)

Cambridge said...

Even without knowing this before conference, I got answers in the first few talks.